Industry associations, clusters and other stakeholders to agree a joint Manifesto for the new Ukrainian industry at the Industry4Ukraine Forum

On June 25, 2019, the Industry4Ukraine Forum brought together representatives of industrial business associations, clusters, public and state bodies to agree and adopt a joint Manifesto for the new Ukrainian industry. The key calls of the Manifesto to the newly elected president, the future parliament and political parties are the priority of industrial development issues on the political agenda, launching a strategy for the development of new processing facilities and digitalisation in Ukraine, and establishing the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Industrial Policy.

The panel discussions of the Forum, one of which was moderated by the head of UPROMEX Ruslan Korzh, included, inter alia, discussion of modern challenges and strategic objectives of industrial development for public administration, the role of innovation and digital transformation in the growth of the Ukrainian industry, creation of favourable business climate in the country, and what has been done for that end by the government and Parliament in recent years.

The initiators of the Industry4Ukraine common platform are Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, the Council of Entrepreneurs at the Cabinet of Ministers, the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, the Office of Reforms at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the European Innovation Agency, and the Ukrpromzovneshekspertiza.