UA Industry Week is taking place from 4 to 8 of June 2018 in 13 regions of Ukraine

UA Industry Week, where UPROMEX is one of the organizers and members of the working group, is taking place from 4 to 8 June 2018 in 13 regions of Ukraine. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, public organizations, research and science institutions are invited to participate in the project, which will occur on the basis of the EU Industry Day. Within the framework of the UA Industry Week, Ukrainian companies in the regions will have the opportunity to demonstrate their potential in the field of industrial development, discuss the industrial capacity of the region and make recommendations on solving the most urgent issues and obstacles to development.

The project will allow Ukrainian companies to provide high-quality communications to state authorities, which will be taken into account in the draft Strategy of Industrial Development of Ukraine and will contribute to the effective formation and implementation of industrial policy.